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R & D work

Specialists of our company have got huge experience in the R&D works sphere:

  • stability calculations;


  • unsinkability and strength calculations;
  • developing of ship modernization and renewing projects;
  • changing of the navigation area;
  • increasing of the carrying capacity of the vessel;
  • Projects of a single transition of the ship;
  • Development of documentation for the repair of the hull and machinery;
  • analysis of the compliance of the vessel (hull, machinery, equipment) to the Classification Society’s requirements;
  • Creating the electrical diagrams, Fire plans, and theoretical constructive drawings;
  • Technical description of repairing of complex parts;
  • The development and coordination of project documentation.

During the year of 2012 PC "Grand Engineering" successfully provided clients with the following value of works:

  • calculation of the actual strength of the hull of the motorvessels «Polaris»; «Capella»; «Spadina»; «Аmur-2510»; «Аmur-2527»; «Аmur-2532»; NS3109 (hoy); “Vama”; “Sea Giant”; “NTC Oil”; “Volga-2”; “Cyclone”;
  • developed stability information for the m/v "Aquarius";
  • developed the project of the stage for m/v “Martin”;
  • performed Inclining tests of m/v "Fidelio", and developed the inclining protocol;
  • developed the projects for the push conversion and Strength calculation for the ship’ nosepiece.

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