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Evaluation of the technical condition of the vessel

If you wish to buy or sell a vessel and there is a need to obtain a sufficiently capacious data of the condition of the vessel, machinery and other equipment, You are welcome to contact us – the job will be done efficiently and in short time.

Our company performs an expertise of the technical condition of the vessels, and submits report of the condition, the estimated value of ships, and suitability for further operations.

The specialists of our company get on board of the vessel and perform a technical expertise of structures and equipment.

Also the specialists of our company are ready to represent objective assessment of the need to repair the ship or renewing of hull members and gears, to check the amount of repairing works, represent the technical documentation which was agreed with Classification Society. We provide services of engineering support, determine the appropriate amount of repair, which would satisfy the Classification Society’s and the customer’s requirements.

The result of evaluation are presented in a full report, which consists of data about available external and internal damages, as well as a conclusion concerning technical condition of the vessel and it’s ability to be further exploatated. Such kind of report seems to be very useful during the pre-selling preparations of the ship or during it’s insurance.

Our company performs the determination of the technical condition of the hulls of the vessels by calculation method according to requirements of Shipping Register. These calculations are based on real residual thicknesses of hull members and the parameters of the deformations. Calculations allow to determine real margin of the hull durability devoted with exploitation of the vessel in the given area considering the estimated limit of the waves mode.

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