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Repairing of the Ships


There are a lot of developing and repairing works, devoted to renewing of operation parameters of the vessels, in the list of services offered by our company:

  • Repairing of the hull members with polymeric materials;
  • repairing of the quarters;
  • repairing and renewing of such hull members as: shell plating, set of ballast tanks, decks, deck machinery foundations;
  • manufacturing of fittings, installing the amplification bars;
  • Installation of support elements in areas of framing system instability.
  • Modernization and conversion of the fleet;

All of the repairing works are completed according to the actual state standards and requirements of Classification Societies.

The shiprepairing bases our company cooperate with are following:

  • Vilkovo Ship-Repairing Base
  • Shipsbuilding-Shiprepairing Factory of Kyliya
  • Ship-repairing bases of Izmail and other factories of Ukraine

During the last year the specialists of our company have took part in repairing of such ships:

  • 9 barges of «Ukrrichflot»,
  • m/v «Borispol»,
  • m/v «Voznesensk»,
  • tug «BT-401»;
  • «Dock 17-18» at Vilkovskaya REB,
  • pontoon "3109",
  • m/v “BASALT”, type "Slavutych",
  • m/v “Persey”.

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