18 projects
of newbuilding

95 projects
of heavyweight and non-standartized cargoes transportation

14 projects
of deadweight cargo
capacity (DWCC)
93 projects
of single-time
voyages, enlarging of navigation area
275 projects
of modernization,
renovation, reclassifcation
406 projects
of operational documentation, hull inspection, thickness measurements, structure damage inspections, inclining test and others

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Last projects

November 2019
Расчет фактической прочности на класс R2-RSN4.5
November 2019
Опыт кренования,проект разового перегона, информация об остойчивости, замена ДГ
November 2019
Совместно с компанией DAMEN провели опыт кренования нового самоходного земснаряда
October 2019
В течении 1 суток специалистами компании был разработан и согласован проект разового перегона аварийного судна


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About Us

«Marine Engineering Center SPb» LLC, is a dynamically developing young company, which provides the wide spectrum of services in the marine fieldIt is among the group of companies "Grand Engineering LTD". 

The company was founded in 2013 and specialises in developing projects for sea- and rivergoing vessels: new buildings, modernization, conversion and reclassification, single-time passages, assessment of technical condition, strength calculations, ice strengthenings, ballast water management plans, stability information and other operational documentation.

At the present moment the company takes a worthy place in the sphere of providing services and continues to conquer the trust of new customers. The number of completed projects is updated every day.

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«Marine Engineering Center SPb» LLC, is recognized by such Classification Societies, as Russian River Register and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Beside this, «Marine Engineering Center SPb» LLC has satellite offices, which help to realize the company's policy all over the world by experienced and qualified personnel.

High level of organization of management and professionalism allow our company to guarantee our customers stability in ensuring of quality of provided services and seeks to provide decent living standard for enterprise's personnel.

Among our customers in 2016 were both state-owned and private companies. The share of orders received by the state-owned company amounted to 15% of the total volume of work for the year. Accordingly, the share of private companies was 85%. We consider these indicators very meaningful, they allow to draw characteristic conclusions:

  • the company's activities correspond to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • the company demonstrates sustainable development which is secured by a large number of private orders;
  • prime cost of standard hour is low, due to optimization of project activity and successful managerial work;
  • the competitiveness of an enterprise in market conditions is very high;

The value of our work is constantly growing, here are mentioned not all our business clients. Working with us you always get an exclusive approach to your task and at the same time guaranteed results. We are very attentive to each of our clients and always welcome to meet new faces.